The Fellowship of Christian Modelers, or FCM, is a nonprofit organization of modelers who desire to enjoy modeling while still maintaining their faith in Christ as their first priority.

It is easy to become so involved in things such as modeling, cars, and other hobbies, that we forget our first obligations are to God and family. We can allow such things to take over our lives if we are not careful.

FCM was established to help us help each other maintain proper relationships, while still enjoying modeling. In fact, putting God first enhances our hobby.

Fellowship of Christian Modelers

**Notice** to all FCM members...  Another year has come and we would like to keep on top of our membership list and to also see how they are doing, so we are asking for all members to please update your membership/s & contact information by filling out the "Join" FCM application web form again. Click here to forward to the Join page. Thank you.

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